The Panther Returns

More than a year ago now (!) when I wrote Black Panther, Black Mane, and Retributive Justice, I said I’d have more to say soon about how the retributive justice scheme pioneered in the writing of Conan creator Robert E. Howard related to the film Black Panther. As a matter of fact, I implied I’d do that sooner than later and here we are. I spotted that reviewing my blogs and this will be a great topic for an upcoming independent press association contribution I have to make in May. When I do that and it’s loose in the zine-o-sphere, I’ll edit and post it here. I promise this blog doesn’t get sloppy seconds, I’m a perfectionist and tinkerer and change things substantially in the transition from paper to blog. And you get much better pictures.

Splash page from Fantastic Four 52, the first appearance of Black Panther as drawn by Jack Kirby.

In the meantime I’m finishing another blog about Godzilla and the Mesopotamian plain in the days of Sumer and the Annunaki that I’ll publish soon. Stay tuned, “One of ’em a-toddlin and one is a crawlin’ / And, one’s on the way.”

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